Project Consulting

Project Consulting and management

Project Consulting and Management

Project Consulting and management

In-depth Building Materials Cost Anaylsis

Knowing the cost of materials and having a small financial pad, in place for incidental will ensure we meet or beat the expected cost goals for you home construction project.  We will deliver the finished product “your home” as describe within a strictly enforced budget.

Energy Efficient Building

We honor pride ourselves obtaining Energy Efficient Building Materials, Appliances, and technologies to ensure our homes are Energy Efficient.  We strive to use the very best natural wood building products and provide custom built energy efficient homes    We build homes that utilize the following:  Clean Power, Solar Power, GeoThermal, Energy Efficient Insulation and Air Sealing,  Lighting and Appliances, Windows, Skylights, Doors, Water Systems, and More.

Land Acquisition, Planning, and Development

Do you want help planning out your next real estate investment.  The project team at Skoro Homes can help with full service land development.   We can help pick land, plan the building, forecast budgets, hire construction crews, perform marketing, and develop the land and buildings to your project specifications.  Want to build a subdivision?  Skoro Homes Can help…

Construction And Creation

Skoro Homes is a seasoned professional in the New Home Construction Arena.   Since 1976 Skoro Homes has focused on quality construction and creation.   Being able to do what we love comes through to every single client we come into contact with.   Being able to deliver a quality product and having control of that quality from start to finish is really what sets Skoro Homes Apart.

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